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President's Message

Greetings Colleagues and Friends of the Upland Teachers Association.


As I write this, we are at the midpoint of our third year of teaching during the global Covid pandemic. We have faced and overcome so many challenges that seemed insurmountable when first encountered. As educators, we are used to facing unique challenges every day we come to work, but the past two years have definitely been unprecedented. I am proud of what we as educators have accomplished in the face of these challenges. We have had setbacks, but we have always found a way to persevere. While it has been far from the easiest time to be a teacher, it might well be one of the most rewarding times. Our students need us more than ever, and if you are like me, you find that you need them more than ever as well.


There is a light at the end of the tunnel. The pandemic is not over, and we must remain vigilant, but things are slowly returning to something like normal. Perhaps we are finding a new normal. In the coming weeks and months, we must continue to deliver excellence in education, and work to realize the best possible vision of education in all of our schools.


I am proud to work with you as we serve the needs of our students and our community. It is my honor to serve as UTA President, and I look forward to a future that gets brighter each day.


In Solidarity,


Gregory Lander

Upland Teachers Association President

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