President's Message

Hello All,


Regardless of what happens with school closures, we still have jobs to do and students to teach and serve. Great things are happening in our district between teachers and students, and this is hugely important. Now, more than ever, our students will need teachers and staff to help them navigate distance learning. Now, more than ever, our students will need contact with their teachers and mentors. Now, more than ever, they will need us to provide instruction and guidance as they tackle the learning goals that they would normally face in the classroom together.


At the same time I say that our students need us, I know I’m not alone in saying we need our students. Contact with them anchors me, and helps give each day meaning and purpose. We all got into this business to help kids, and I know the joy brought by doing so is the food that keeps all of us going. 


As we move forward with distance learning amid all of these frightening and disheartening announcements, remember why we are here. Remember why we got into education. Our students need us, and we need them. If you want proof, just reach out and talk to a few. Witness how happy they are to see you, hear you, or read a few words from you. It will give you strength.


With all that said, I would like to say that I am proud to work alongside you. We are doing meaningful work that will bear tremendous fruit in the years to come. Stay strong.


Best Regards,


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